Placebo Effect: How Bruno Klopfer Cured Cancer With the Help of Distilled Water

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It's time to take another step in the journey towards self-awareness. It’s time we reached the point where we can heal any disease with the help of our own thoughts. This might sound like fiction, but it's real. Placebo is being used successfully in medicine, perhaps purposefully, perhaps not, proving that our thoughts can materialize in positive ways.

Placebo is the analogue of actual medications and doesn't have any side effects. Patients think the placebo is the real drug and very often get well despite not receiving any actual medication. This is known as the placebo effect.

The pharmaceutical industry uses placebo to investigate the actual effect of newly developed medications before releasing them on the market. But many scientists have been and still are researching placebo effect. This phenomenon is interesting because it motivates scientists to investigate the human body’s true abilities. Their research has found that miraculous recoveries from incurable diseases do happen without any medications when patients have faith in the recovery.

However, placebo effect is exciting not just for the pharmaceutical industry and medical field, but personally for every single one of us as well. While many view the most important use of the placebo effect as the body’s ability to recover from disease and injury, we cannot overlook this massive mental power in other areas of our lives. With the help of placebo, not only can we help our bodies to recover from different diseases, but harness these mental powers and apply them to education, jobs, business, relations with other people, and many others areas. In order to apply this principle to our personal lives, it is important to understand the phenomenon.

How Bruno Klopfer Cured Cancer Without Any Medications

In 1950 there was a new medication developed called Krebiozen. People were incredibly interested in it as the cancer cure that the world had been waiting for. The American Medical Association and American Food and Drug Administration were studying the drug. One of the doctors participating in the study was physiologist, Bruno Klopfer.

Doctor Bruno Klopfer was treating his patient Mr. Wright, who had advanced cancer of the lymph nodes. When he found out about the AMA and FDA experiments with Krebiozen, he asked to be a part of it. Mr. Wright had been through many unsuccessful treatments and didn’t have too much time to live. His neck, armpits, chest, stomach, and groin were full of tumors as big as an orange, not to mention the horrible condition of his kidneys and spleen.

Even though the study of Krebiozen wasn’t completed and it could have been fatal to the patient, Dr. Klopfer injected Mr. Wright with one dose of it. He was very worried that this “cure” would kill his patient.

After few days, Mr. Wright got out of bed by himself and was able to walk around. It was a miracle! His tumors were twice smaller! Even the strongest radiation or chemotherapy could not have been expected to cause such a result. When Mr. Wright first got to the hospital, he wasn’t able to live without the oxygen mask, but now, ten days after Krebiozen was injected, he was released from the hospital as an absolutely healthy man without a trace of cancer. When Mr. Wright got back home from the hospital, he was able to pilot his own plane at the height of 3 kilometers.

He was absolutely healthy for two months when the press started releasing articles about how Krebiozen was not effective as a cancer treatment. Being an analytical person who was interested in science, Mr. Wright became depressed. Eventually, the cancer came back and he was forced to go back to the hospital.

This time, Dr. Bruno Klopfer decided to try a psychological experiment. He told his patient that the articles were based on an ineffective line of Krebiozen and that he had a new formula, which was a higher quality, very concentrated, and more effective. Mr. Wright was very happy to hear that and so he was injected with another dose of the treatment. But this time it was placebo— distilled water. The results were sensational again! Mr. Wright was released from the hospital absolutely healthy.

Unfortunately, after two months, the American Medical Association released an official article, finally stating that the completed study of Krebiozen showed that it was not an effective cancer cure. The information spread throughout the country and it had a massive impact on Mr. Wright. The cancer came back again and he died within two days.

What's Happening on a Physical Level: Pituitary and Neuropeptides

Our emotions are tightly connected to the endocrine system. For example, fear is connected to adrenaline. When we are afraid or anxious about something, adrenaline is released into our bloodstream. Conversely, when we are calm or not afraid of anything, there is no adrenaline in our system. Emotions and hormones are in balance.

Whatever we think, our thoughts get transformed into chemical reactions. The hypothalamus is responsible for that. It's located below the thalamus, just above the brain stem. Liberins, also known as releasing hormones, is a substance that regulates the release of the hormone, gonadotropin (or glycoprotein hormones) in the pituitary gland (or hypophysis). The pituitary gland is one of the most important glands in the human body. The nerve cells of the hypothalamus form these liberins and work as a receiver for the neuropeptides, which are small, protein-like molecules that help neurons communicate with each other. That way, after receiving a signal from other parts of the brain with the help of neuropeptides, the hypothalamus changes the secretion of hormones at the hypophysis and it controls sugar levels, hunger, body temperature, etc. It also regulates the adrenal glands, the working regime of our heart and lungs, and it has a direct influence on the digestive and circulatory systems.

Neuropeptides directly link our thoughts with our bodies. With their help, human bodies become one united and perfect system that is able to harmonize, heal, and even regenerate itself.

And vice versa, this system of emotional and chemical balance can cause every person who has negative thoughts about himself or others to get cancer or any other disease. It seems that sometimes, nature, even using brutal methods, perfectly balances human kind by giving diseases to all who aren’t happy with their life.

12 Statements That Release Energy and Give Us Power to Move Forward

  1. I am a perfect and amazingly complicated structure, which even my brain can't understand.
  2. I don't need anything. I have plenty of everything even though very often I don't understand that.
  3. I know that my thoughts materialize, so they are only positive.
  4. I am rich. I get everything I need and as much as I need for that moment.
  5. All people are amazing and glowing beings deep inside, and I believe in them.
  6. I do not own anything, so there is nothing that I can lose.
  7. I am grateful for everything that's happening around me. It helps me to become myself.
  8. I am getting stronger and stronger every day. That's the law of the universe.
  9. I let myself do everything that is important to me. That is the only way I can grow.
  10. I allow everyone else to do everything that is important to them even if I don't like it. That's the only way they can grow.
  11. I am happy because I understand the illusion of the brain and I know how to live beyond it.
  12. I am me because that is my choice.

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