7 Ways To Refuel Yourself

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1. Do nothing for at least six hours

Drop everything that is important to you. Forget what others expect from you. Stop working. Stop doing things for at least six hours. Two days is usually enough to start becoming a new human being, but you can spend as much time as you want or need. Feel yourself. Stop for a second, and just do... nothing. Stop analyzing your plans and progress, remove all thoughts about problems you have from your mind. You don't have any problems anymore, because you passed them away and unlinked yourself from everything you know.

2. Hide all your gadgets

For at least six hours, turn off your computer and iPad, and hide your cell phone under three pillows. Avoid technology for at least a few hours of your life. Instead, take up a piece of paper and a pencil if you want, touch real wood, real glass, and real metal. Light a few candles. Relax and take a break from electricity.

3. Sit calm and meditate

Now find a silent room, sit down, and stop doing everything. Just sit down, and be calm. You can do japa, or any other kind of meditation. Just stop thinking for a while, and feel your body, feel how you breathe, feel the environment. Check if your shoulders are fully relaxed. Listen. Close your eyes. Let feelings and free thoughts go through you. Become empty. Only an empty cup can be filled with new, wonderful tea. Only an empty mind can be filled with creativity and insights. Become that empty cup, and let the world fill you with a new consciousness.

4. Walk and breathe

Oxygen is not the only element you want to get from the fresh air. Fresh air is also full of prana -- life energy that runs our minds and bodies. Take a short walk in a park and move your body. Breath and enjoy the mood that will come to you.

5. Take in less food, eat what is healthy

Drink water and healthy tea. Eat salads or other vegetarian meals. Enjoy the silence in yourself. Let your mind and body clean themselves a little.

6. Don't talk to people

Communication takes away your energy, so avoid talking to people today if possible. Relax, do nothing, and think nothing. This way you will become aware of things that you never noticed before. Things that were always here, but hidden from your busy mind. Enjoy the new world...

7. Read a good book

Pick up a self-development book, and fill yourself with positive energy. Books of this kind are sources of energy, which is why they are so good. Many of their authors are wise people, and they know what they are doing. At the moment, I am reading Wayne W. Dyers's book The Power of Intention, for the third time in two years. I like it very much, and I highly recommend it to you. Enjoy the forgotten knowledge, and the energy you will receive.

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