How to Make Hard Things Simple: Neuro-associations — the Secret Weapon of Anthony Robbins and 3 Ways to Use It Right Now In Pursuing Your Goals

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Neuro-associations are the links between thoughts and emotions in your mind, which create and shape your behavior and performance results.

It may sound strange but these links determine your bank account balance, your diet, and your future. How? All that you have and are today is created by your actions, which are directly influenced by neuro-associations.

Why are neuro-associations so important and enormously shape your life? That’s why.

Placebo Effect: How Bruno Klopfer Cured Cancer With the Help of Distilled Water

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It's time to take another step in the journey towards self-awareness. It’s time we reached the point where we can heal any disease with the help of our own thoughts. This might sound like fiction, but it's real. Placebo is being used successfully in medicine, perhaps purposefully, perhaps not, proving that our thoughts can materialize in positive ways.

Placebo is the analogue of actual medications and doesn't have any side effects. Patients think the placebo is the real drug and very often get well despite not receiving any actual medication. This is known as the placebo effect.

How To Own A New Ferrari And Be As Smart As Einstein, Just By Calmly Sitting On Your Couch


After a hard day of work, I was sitting on my couch with my eyes closed. I decided to meditate, even though I had no clue what would happen. After just fifteen minutes, my mind started to quiet and relax. It was an amazing feeling! I felt as if my heavy and tired body started to lose hold on gravity, and just like dandelion fluff had started to float above a sunlit meadow in a gentle summer breeze. And that was just the beginning.

256 Year Old Chinese Herbalist Li Ching-Yuen, Holistic Medicine, and 15 Character Traits That Cause Diseases

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According to the official records, herbalist Li Ching-Yuen was born in China in 1677 (although he himself claimed that he was born in 1736). Throughout his long life, he constantly practiced herbalism and martial arts. In 1930, the New York Times newspaper printed an article in which they published official Chinese government documents that were uncovered. These documents, dating back to 1827, contained official congratulations on Li Ching-Yuen's 150th birthday. Later documents, dating back to 1877, contained official congratulations on his 200th birthday.

How did he do that?

7 Ways To Refuel Yourself

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Drop everything that is important to you. Forget what others expect from you. Stop working. Stop doing things for at least six hours. Two days is usually enough to start becoming a new human being, but you can spend as much time as you want or need. Feel yourself. Stop for a second, and just do... nothing. Stop analyzing your plans and progress, remove all thoughts about problems you have from your mind. You don't have any problems anymore, because you passed them away and unlinked yourself from everything you know.

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